Where can I find a list of those on the Montevideo Maru?

05/06/2017 13:59

 List of prisoners of war and internees The National Archives of Australia has recently acquired what is reliably thought to be the most complete list of those on The Montevideo Maru when it was sunk in July 1942. The list is in two parts – Japanese and English. The Japanese part has the names of all Australian servicemen who were prisoners of war (POWS) and civilian internees on board – the English part lists the POWs. A translated copy of the Japanese list (entire list) is available to browse -- http://montevideomaru.naa.gov.au/

Also I know there is a memorial at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens in Victoria (Australia) but I do not know if it lists the POW's on board when it was sunk. There is also a memorial at the Australian War Memorial. The text on the Montevideo Maru Memorial located near the center of the POW Memorial complex in Ballarat states... Memorial to those who died on the Montevideo Maru 1st July 1942 



2017 is the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the Montevideo Maru

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