Who was John Guise?

08/09/2012 17:59

Sir John Guise was born in 1914.


He was elected to the first House of Assembly in 1964 and became speaker after his re-election.  He was a cabinet minister during the self-government period and, at independence in 1975, became PNG's first governor-general. He died in 1991.


It is reported that Guise played an instrumnental part in helping to foil the landing of the Japanes in Milne Bay during the Second World War.


On the night of August 25, 1942, the Japanese began their invasion of Milne Bay.  Guise was sent, in an open dinghy, through 32km of heavy seas, to tell the bayside villagers to douse their lights. He then safely returned through the ships and landing barges of the advancing Japanese. "The Japs were relying on the village lights to guide their attack"


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