Is there a list of PNG pilots flying overseas?

22/04/2017 13:46

If you do a search for Narara on these pages you will find three members of the Narara family that have been successful flying overseas.

In 2009 Bernard Oberleuter compiled a list of pilots. It is, if course, now out of date but it was an interesting list of just some of the PNG pilots who have found overseas jobs:

  • Capt Ted Pakii [Wabag] - recently appointed Chief Pilot of Skystar Airways
  • Capt Peter Ansphil – Captain of a Boeing 767 with Skystar Airways
  • Capt Granger Nanara [Dobu] - flew with Emirates for 15 years before moving to Abu Dhabi to take up his current position as Vice President Operations for Etihad
  • First Officer Terry Togumagoma [Trobiands] – EtihadCapt
  • Timothy Nanara [Dobu] - resigned from Air Niugini to join his elder brother and is currently a Training Captain with Emirates
  • Capt Locklyn Sabumei – Etihad
  • Capt James Makop [Mt Hagen] – flew with Emirates for eight years and fo the alst two years a Captain at Jade Cargo Airways based in China
  • Capt Samuel Siaguru - resigned from Air Niugini in 2005 and also a captain at Jade Cargo
  • First Officer Mark Neah [Wabag] - has been flying with Cathay Pacific for the last seven years.

You can add to that with the likes of Hans Pederson and Nigel Narara but there would be more by now.


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