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These DHC Otter aircraft were initially operated by Qantas in PNG.

VH-EAW (c/n 241), named “Kikori”, was an amphibian,

the other three were landplanes:
VH-EAX (c/n 247) “Kokopo”,
VH-EAY (c/n 253) “Kieta”,
VH-EAZ (c/n 258) “Kerowagi”.

VH-EAW, the amphibian, became VH-SBQ but was unfortunately destroyed in a non-fatal forced landing August 1961 after an engine failure near Samarai.

VH-EAX was re-registered VH-SBR, and also renamed “Kundiawa”.

VH-EAY became VH-SBS and was unfortunately destroyed in December 1961 an accident near Mount Hagen which claimed the lives of both pilots.

VH-EAZ became VH-SBT.

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