Where can I find out info about the Baigona Cult of Papua

24/03/2015 08:56

Try a visit to http://www.anthropologising.ca/writing/cargo.htm The Baigona Snake Cult of the Northern Division of Papua operated for many years from 1911. The prophet had the secrets of sorcery and prophesy revealed to him by the Baigona Snake, and cultivated its good-will by special rites. He sold the secrets of the cult to those who wished to be initiated. The movement was characterised by trances. Its rise coincided with the attempt to bring the area under administrative control.


For general information about Cargo Cults try and find a copy of the book by Peter Lawrence called "Road Belong Cargo: A Study of the Cargo Movement in the Southern Madang District, New Guinea"

-- http://www.amazon.com/Road-Belong-Cargo-Movement-Southern/dp/0881334588

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