How many people are living with HIV in PNG?

16/05/2017 13:35

Good question.  A summary from UNAIDS can be found at -- -- This gives the figure for the number of people living with HIV (PLHIV) as being approx 40,000 (2013).

From past data - According to estimates from the National Department of Health and the National AIDS Council Secretariat approximately 0.92% of the adult population in PNG were living with HIV in 2009.

In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of health facilities in Papua New Guinea conducting HIV tests among pregnant women — from 17 in 2005 to 178 in 2009. New data collected at these facilities have provided a clearer picture of the country’s HIV prevalence than ever before.

An estimated 34 100 people in Papua New Guinea were living with HIV in 2009. HIV prevalence was found to be the highest in the country’s Highlands and Southern regions, at 1.02% and 1.17%, with lower but increasing prevalence in Momase and New Guinea Islands, at 0.63% and 0.61%. Approximately 3200 people in Papua New Guinea were newly infected with HIV in 2009 and, that same year, some 1300 people died of AIDS.

According to AIDS Info, UNAIDS, 2013 there were 28,000  people living with HIV/AIDS in PNG. According to the same document there were 12,000 orphans from age 0 through to 17 due to HIV/AIDS.

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